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EHRs-C is fantastic, [it] decreases problems like when providers forget to put the number of days to give a Rx. The system won't let you close out until every field is done. Overall the EHR is awesome." Nurse Practitioner.

"The EHRs-C is fabulous". Registered Nurse.  "You can perform an intake in 8 minutes vs 15 minutes". M.D. 

"I have used a few different electronic medical records and I can safely say that EHRs-C is the system that allows me to be both efficient and accurate when seeing patients. EHRs-C looks like an actual chart on the screen, making it simple and intuitive to navigate.

Any patient information that I need is just a click away, organized in specific categories. EHRs-C does not only make things easier when it comes to reviewing charts and seeing patients, it also helps to ensure that everything I do is properly documented and compliant with practice standards."

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