EHRs-C , a correctional health care and
tecnological innovation for all your
health records.

The EHRs-C difference

The EHRc-C stands alone when compared to other electronic records. To begin, it is not simply a medical record, it is an entire health system developed by professionals with innumerable years of correctional health experience. It is also a clinically driven program, designed not only to adhere to governing correctional standards but to ensure the highest level of care is provided in a cost efficient manner. The program is extremely user friendly and does not require the user to be technologically savvy due to its intuitive design. Each of the tabs and hubs are easily navigable and customizable. The EHRs-C comes with built-in training modules that you can access at any time which provide information and support regarding a variety of topics.

CSI offers 24/7 expert IT support and coordinate trainings that account for your specific needs and goals. The EHRs-C has been extensively tested resulting in intuitive, smart, easy to use technology making documentation and care coordination faster, simpler and more efficient. 

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