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The EHRs-C is a cutting edge software program designed by a team of experienced programmers, whose medical record design meets all of the security needs for minimal hardware and software resources. All medical, mental health and administrative users have customizable access and restrictions that are accessible through the institutional network. Printing and signature pad support is local, meaning minimal movement of patients and providers. The system has an internal connection to the institution Inmate Management Systems (IMS) that allows for the tracking of inmate intakes, inmate movement and release, as well as returns data related to inmates' status and security risks. Externally, the system connects through HL7, the industry standard for transmission and security of  electronic health information, to Laboratories, Pharmacies and other outside resources, resulting in expedient lab results and medical orders. The software also produces documents in both electronic and printed forms.

Some Key Features Include:

  • Overflow capability
  • Auto-population function
  • Preset prompts for clinical data
  • Search function
  • Current Health Status Bar
  • Automated clinical functions (referrals, scheduling, see more)
  • E-Prescribe
  • E-Alerts
  • Inmate tracking, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, specialties, and more.
  • Real time updates
  • Intersystem communication
  • Secured encryption of sensitive information.

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